Honour & Glory

19 July 2019 was a day of triumph as Ocean IFM bagged Top SME100 Awards 2019, an award that commemorates the achievements of SMEs who demonstrate business excellence in shaping Singapore’s economic landscape.

Being one of Singapore’s Top 100 Fast moving SMEs in 2019 based on actual financial and physical audit, Ocean IFM came up top 20 from over 300 nominees at the gala dinner at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre.

“Special thanks to my management team and all our staff for their hard work and personal sacrifices to make Ocean IFM a bigger and better company…” said co-founder Mr Moh.

A true testament to the blood, sweat and tears in the face of a competitive labour-tight market. AH HOO!

About SME100 Awards
SME100 Awards is an Annual Recognition programme organised by SME Magazine, naming the fastest moving businesses of the SME sector. The Awards identify and recognise SMEs based on a basket of quantitative and qualitative criteria with a focus on growth (turnover, profit and market share) and resilience (best practices, sustainability and vision).