Singapore Successful Brand 2015/16 Elite Category PR Write Up

Buildings are more than concrete fixtures of the city’s façade as they are the places of residence, work and entertainment. Ocean IFM, led by Mr Andy Lim, delivers reliable and personalized property management services to help maintain conducive living and working environments island-wide.

The managing director has extensive experience of over a decade within the industry, including the managing of multiple buildings while working for renowned property developers and consultancy firms. With ample expertise along with passion and drive, the entrepreneur founded Ocean IFM in 2009, wanting the ocean’s symbolism in connecting the world.

Even with the support of two clients, initially establishing a client base was challenging for Ocean IFM as a new player in an industry where reputation and references are paramount. Together with the expertise of senior consultant Moh Kok Leong, an industry veteran of more than 30 years, Mr Lim and his team persisted in their dedication to delivering more personalized than the industry norm.

Thanks to the firm’s continued commitment to cultivating trusting, long-term partnerships through personalized service, today’s Oceam IFM manages over 100 residential, industrial and commercial developments within Singapore. The firm’s comprehensive building management services extend beyond day-to-day facility management as an accredited managing agent firm (Category A) under the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SSIV) and the Association of Property Facility Managers (APFM) accreditation scheme.

Ocean IFM provides professional advice on proper management and maintenance to ensure compliance with current regulations while also providing technical administrative and accounting support Ocean IFM also providing technical, administrative and accounting support. Ocean IFM also oversees fire safety management helping to conduct certification renewal and equipment checks for industrial and commercial buildings.

With a big emphasis on communication and response, Ocean IFM maintains the same personalized level of service since its inception through continuously optimized operating procedures. This includes utilizing technology to develop the firm’s own customized property and facility management software, along with accounting software to assist in optimized workflows. With round-the-clock backup services, breakdown queries are swiftly addressed via Ocean IFM’s own technical M&E maintenance team and alliance partners, while email exchanges are closely monitored by Mr Lim personally. Ocean IFM’s stellar reputation built up in just a few short years is a statement to its top-notch service being recognized by clients, as well as approval of the Ocean IFM team’s collective efforts. With over 90 members, Ocean IFM prides itself on a close-knit, family-like corporate culture, where many members are happy to grow along side the company as Mr Lim always has his staff’s best interests at heart.

Ocean IFM has no intention of resting on its laurels, seeking continual improvement in its service and management quality. With recent focus on further branding and marketing, the firm prepares to explore a greater scope of services for not only the Singapore market but also fast growing markets regionally such as Malaysia, Cambodia and Myanmar. With Ocean IFM’s continued dedication towards continuously improved personalized service, the firm is poised to become a front runner both locally and regionally.